The BBC crew from Blue Planet II talks about some of the major issues we are facing when it comes to pollution in our oceans.


The amount of plastic we are using in our daily life is increasing, tons end up in the ocean every year.

“ In some of the most remote parts of the ocean where samples were being taken, even in the deep seabed, we’re finding particles of broken down plastic.”
— Orla Doherty, Producer (The Deep and Our Blue Planet)


Ships, submarines and bomb testing are some of the major problems when it comes to noise pollution created by humans in the ocean.

Not only whales and dolphins are affected by this pollution. It is also smaller marine creatures who suffer the consequences.

“Reef fish like clown fish, rely on sound communication, they need to hear the sound of predators, just an innocuous boat passing overhead is enough to drown out those important sounds.”
— Mark Brownlow, Series Producer


Overfishing and the lack of regulations has diminished fish stocks. Creating marine protected areas is key to solve this problem in the future.

“ The Wildlife just bounces back. If you give the seas just half a chance, then nature will start to respond and recover”.
— James Honeyborne, Executive Producer