When we talk about conservation, most people think of non-profit organization campaigns to end whaling in the Antarctic Sea, joining a protest to stop the illegal hunting of tigers or something a selected group of scientists will take care of by creating regulations.

Truth is, every single action counts. What we do in our daily life has an impact on the environment, for good or bad. Think about it for a second! We are over 7 billion humans on this planet. How much pressure do we put on it with our daily actions? How many people have similar routines on their daily lives?

We do not necessarily need to become hardcore activists or write papers for scientific purposes. So, how can we help?

1.- Reduce the use of plastic bags:

- When shopping at the grocery store, you can always carry a tote bag with you. Nowadays they are easy to find and some have cool personalized designs.


2.- Straws:

- Single use straws pollute more than you can imagine. Almost every single use plastic, ends up in the ocean. by not using a straw when eating at a restaurant or carrying around your own reusable straw, you are making a difference.


3.- Use public transportation, bike, walk:

- When commuting to work, or going to nearby places you don't always need to use a car. Walking, biking or using public transportation are ways to move around that will have less impact on the environment. If your budget allows it you should also consider buying a hybrid/electric car, they are becoming affordable and will probably be the norm in the next few years.


4.- Recycle:

- Do you carry your food and water around in single use plastic containers? or even worse...do you still use styrofoam? Buy a thermo instead of using multiple water bottles everyday, buy a couple of food containers that you can actually use more than once!


5.- Do not buy exotic animals:

- Do you love animals? Please do not support animal trafficking. There are plenty of shelters where you can adopt a pet. If you love exotic animals, go on a safari or support an eco-friendly activity on your next vacation where you can go see them.


Our planet is an amazing place, let's take care of it!