American Crocodiles

Located 42 nautical miles off the coast of Xcalak in Mexico, the Chinchorro Banks are the western hemisphere’s largest coral atoll.To get here, first we will travel 5 hours south from Cancun to Xcalak, this 400 people town is the last frontier of the Costa Maya. From there, we will reach the Chinchorro Banks by boat and stay over for 2 nights at one of the fisherman ́s huts right on top of the water.

We will get the chance to snorkel during 3 days with American Crocodiles as well as dive or snorkel in Chinchorro and Xcalak reefs.


For the last few years snorkeling with American Crocodiles (Cocodrilus Acutus) has become possible for those willing to travel as far as the Chinchorro Banks. Few people get to experience this encounters and there is only one operator in this area.

While in Chinchorro we will be doing a 1 tank dive in the morning and then spend the rest of the day snorkeling in shallow water with the crocodiles, which come very close to the fisherman ́s hut, allowing us to spend more time with them. It is easy from there to get in an out of the water, rest and maybe take a nap or have a snack in between.

This Crocodiles can grow up 4 + mts (12+ ft) and weigh more than 800 kgs (1,800 + lbs) . A crocodile handler will be in the water with us at all times to make our experience safer and enjoyable.


Xcalak and Chinchorro are marine protected areas. Chinchorro offers one of the least visited areas by divers in the Mexican Caribbean, nurse sharks, reef sharks, turtles, big barrel sponges and many other species live in these reefs. While in Xcalak we will enjoy diving in the reefs and looking for a big tarpon school in the famous ̈La Poza dive site, which is a highlight of the area. This is the last frontier of the Yucatan Peninsula.


- Chinchorro Banks American Saltwater Crocodiles, Mexico 6 nights/ 7 Days
- Date: TBA
- 6 nights/7 days on double occupancy (single occupancy available at an extra cost) *While
  in Chinchorro we will be staying at a fisherman’s hut
- 3 days of snorkeling with American Saltwater Crocodiles
- 3 days of 1 tank diving in Chinchorro Banks
- 2 days of 2 tank diving in Xcalak
- LIMITED SPACES. E-mail us for availability and prices at

UW photo-pro Christian Vizl will be joining us on this expedition





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