Off the coast of the Southern Baja Peninsula in Mexico, a rare event takes place. Thousands of Striped Marlins aggregate in search of their next meal.
This is a rich pelagic area, where you can find different species throughout the year. Rarely visited by divers until a few years ago, this is a good place to see sharks, bait balls, bill fish and other species. Anything can happen in this pelagic playground.

This is a remote area still not very popular to divers with fantastic opportunities for pelagic encounters.

  • Season: October - November
  • Type: Land based
  • Location: Baja California Sur, Mexico


Every winter Atlantic sailfish hunt down the schools of sardines off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

A long time ago, sport fishermen have been traveling to Isla Mujeres to catch sailfish. In recent years divers, photographers and videographers from all over the world visit this area to witness this magnificent creatures underwater instead of hunting them.

Aside from snorkeling with sailfish, there are restaurants and shops to visit or you can rent a Golf Cart and get the whole tour of the Island. This is a very laid back and friendly Island with the Mexican Caribbean atmosphere.

  • Season: January - March
  •  Type: Land based
  • Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico