Earlier this year, we headed to Bimini Island to dive. We boarded the ferry from Miami which is a relatively short ride. Upon arriving to the island the first thing you notice is the amazing turquoise color of the ocean. When the water starts getting colder during winter, this is the best place to dive with and photograph great hammerhead sharks.

The dive site were the hammerheads aggregate is basically a huge sand patch 15-25 ft deep. Every morning as soon as we arrived our guide @Max Devine would start chumming (having the right chum is very important for this sharks in particular as they are picky eaters). The first sharks to show up are usually nurse sharks, which are very curious and will stick around for the entire dive, another shark that is common to see is the bull shark. Although this isn't always great news as they tend to scare away the smaller hammerheads. Once the first great hammerhead was spotted @Cris, @Christian and I would get our dive gear and cameras ready and jump in the water.

For me, it is always a challenge taking creative shots. Getting the right angle, the perfect lighting and everything you are looking for in a photo makes for different opportunities on every dive. I was lucky my good friend Christian who excels at creating unique images was around. He has always given me great advice about photography, almost everything I know I have learned from him. He has the heart of an artist and is focused on spreading the word on conservation through his images. He is one of my favorite photographers and it is always inspiring to look at his work. You can check it out in his website www.christianvizl.com and some of his great hammerhead photos below.

Looking at the sharks gracefully moving made me forget about the outside world and only focus on what was happening underwater, enjoying every single moment with the great hammerheads. Bimini is by far one of the best dive sites around the world to see this amazing animals in clear blue water.

Can’t wait to dive again with the Great Hammerheads and share with you all the exciting details about the expedition.


Video by: Cristobal PG

Photos by: Irene Orozco (@panchita_oh)

Photos by: @Christian Vizl


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