From December to April Great Hammerhead Sharks visit Bimini Island, in the Bahamas. The “colder” water temperatures during this time of the year attracts them to the waters surrounding the Island. The sharks come in to the shallower water close to the island, which makes it easy for divers to spend hours underwater interacting with these creatures. Every day we will be taking a short boat ride to the dive site where we will chum to attract these animals.

Although our main goal will be to attract and interact with great hammerhead sharks, there are other shark species such as nurse or bull sharks that can be seen at the area.

We we will be using bait to attract these sharks and although great hammerhead sharks are normally shy, at times they come in very close as they are curious creatures. 

The dives are done in shallow water from 5 - 8 mts on average. We will split into 2 different groups small. Here you can kneel on the sand and wait for the sharks to come close by. 


Tiger Beach is arguably one of the best shark diving spots in the world for tiger sharks. Located off the coast of Grand Bahama Island, it has gained a reputation because of it’s large tiger shark population. Along with the tiger sharks, regular visitors to this area are caribbean reef sharks and lemon sharks.

There are plenty of shark species to keep us busy during the week.

Tiger sharks tend to be confident because of their size and will come in very close. Keep in mind that these animals are large predators and you must always respect their space. When we aim for the perfect picture, we must always keep in mind the safety of the whole group.

Remember there will be plenty of time in the water with these sharks and lots of different photo opportunities.

Join us for an epic shark-filled week.


  • Great hammerhead & tiger sharks, Bahamas

  • Date: February 28 - March 9, 2019

  • 10 days/ 9 nights  on double occupancy

  • 8 days of diving

  • 1 day crossing

  • UW photo-pro Christian Vizl will be joining us on this expedition

  • LIMITED SPACES. E-mail us for availability at








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