Mo'orea is one of the few places in the world where you can swim with Humpback whales. From July to November, whales visit Mo'orea to nurse their young or in search of a mating partner. This is also a very good area for other pelagic encounters. Several species of dolphins, sharks and rays are also abundant in these waters.

Days will be spent offshore looking for Humpback whales, given the right circumstances, we will be able to jump in the water with them several times. This is one of the best locations in the world for in-water encounters. Respecting the whales and encouraging minimum impact interactions with them is a top priority. We willl have plenty of time to be amazed by them.

Every day is different and we will try to find other pelagic animals as well. Spinner dolphins, rough-toothed dolphins, stingrays, pilot whales, black tip sharks, and tiger sharks to name a few, will keep us busy during our days on the island.

Although our primary focus will be to find the Humpback whales, there is also the chance to encounter several species of sharks including tiger sharks.


  • Humpback whales & open ocean safari, Mo'orea French Polynesia
  • Date: September 23rd - 30th, 2018
  • 8 days/ 7 nights on double occupancy on beachfront house
  • 6 days of snorkeling/freediving with humpback whales, dolphins, sharks and other pelagic species
  • UW photo-pro Christian Vizl will be joining us on this expedition
  • LIMITED SPACES e-mail for availability at






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