The Southern Baja Peninsula is becoming a top destination to encounter mako and blue sharks.This pelagic shark species are known to travel long distances. With the colder water currents during winter and early spring, they chase their prey such as tuna in the Pacific waters off Cabo.

The Baja Peninsula is known for its abundance of marine life. Gray whales make their way down south to mexican waters. Although they are protected by law, it is possible to watch them from a boat, where local operators who follow rules will get you as close as possible. Often times, enough to be touched by the whales.

Our primary focus will be to find mako and blue sharks, there is also a chance to look for whales and other pelagic species. This area is known to have different shark species throughout the year. We will chum the water in order to bring in pelagic shark species.

For safety and to maximize photographic opportunities we will limit the group to 6 snorkelers.


  • Makos, Blues & Gray Whales, Baja California Sur, Mexico
  • Date: February 18 - 24, 2019
  • 7 days/ 6 nights on double occupancy in hotel in Cabo San Lucas and Puerto San Carlos
  • 3 days o open ocean snorkeling with sharks and other pelagic species
  • 2 days of whale watching
  • UW photo-pro Christian Vizl will be joining us on this expedition
  • LIMITED SPACES e-mail for availability at






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