How often do you get to see crocs and sharks sharing food? This may happen more often that we know, but few people have ever recorded the scene.

After spotting a whale carcass off the coast of Western Australia @Jeremy Tucker  sent his drone to take aerial footage. While it is always interesting to check what is lurking underneath a floating dead whale, he didn't expect to find a crocodile and a shark sharing a meal.

There is evidence that these two species compete for food or even prey on each other, but this was not the case. Probably due to the size of the carcass, these two species felt like there was no need for competition.

Like Jeremy Tucker said on his Instagram account:

When a whale dies in the Kimberleys the sharks have to share with the crocodiles.
— Jeremy Tucker

While you can always expect to see all sorts of things in Australia, it is always interesting to see this kind of interactions.